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July 2016: Dennis S Musky

As you probably already know, many of my favorite guiding moments involve clients landing their very first musky. And sometimes it’s a few “out of the norm” factors that work together to make it happen. On this trip, brotherly teamwork and a new lake were the keys to another first musky catch!

During the planning stages of this particular trip, I was happy to hear Dennis say he would fish just about anywhere (music to a guide’s ears). The only lake he wouldn’t fish was his home lake of Bald Eagle! Despite having lived there for many years, Dennis had just not had any success on that lake. He decided to “jump the tracks” and give White Bear Lake a try.

On this particular trip, Dennis and his brother, Dave joined me in my guide boat. It wasn’t long after we launched that a musky followed Dave’s surface lure all the way to the boat, and then disappeared. Then it was Dennis who immediately put his bucktail to use with a Figure 8 at the boat. And what do you know, the fish swam back and nailed it! One brother enticed the fish to the boat, and the other brother sealed the deal!

Dennis had made it clear that he wanted a photo of his first musky, monster or not. So, here it is! Congratulations, and thanks for the great day on the water, guys!