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Ice Fishing

Providing his clients with a “true Minnesota ice fishing experience” is one of Josh’s favorite winter activities. His ice fishing obsession is on par with Gustafson and Goldman, but without the grumpiness! 😉

Seeing a flag pop on a tip-up can be every bit as thrilling as watching a bobber disappear. Kids LOVE it. They tear across the ice to the flag, slide in sideways on their snow-pants, and hand-over-hand the line to find out what’s on the other end. Okay, who are we kidding—we all love that!

Josh specializes in fully guided trips, which means you get to enjoy all the fun parts of ice fishing while he takes care of the details. We know those details can sometimes mean the difference between entertaining a wonderful idea, and actually getting out there to enjoy such a fine Minnesota tradition. No worries…Josh has you covered.

Josh enjoys ice fishing many bodies of water, and since he’s not one to be tied down to one particular spot all winter (you’ll know what I mean when you meet him!), he offers pop-up style shelters with portable heaters so he can keep the fishing spots flexible. He brings all the gear, bait and tackle, drills the holes, and sets everything up. And if anything needs to be adjusted from there, he’ll take care of it.

Josh provides:

  • Yamaha Grizzly 4-wheeler for transport
  • All bait and tackle
  • Fish hole drilling
  • Pop-up shelters with transportable heaters
  • Snacks
  • A 32oz thermos of hot chocolate at your request
  • Digital photos of your special day on the ice

ICE FISHING GUIDE TRIP RATES (per group, NOT per person)

New payment option: CREDIT CARD
Book your trip now & pay via cc (+3% processing fee) on the day of your trip.

Full Day (8 Hours)

Half Day (4 Hours)

We invite you to read more “About Josh” and please feel free to book your ice fishing trip online. Whether on the ice or open water, his goal is to provide you with a memorable experience!

Ice Fishing Gallery

Experience the Thrill of Your Next Catch

Blue Ribbon Bait & Tackle

Blue Ribbon Bait

Contact Josh

1985 Geneva Avenue North
Oakdale, Minnesota 55128

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Experience the Thrill of Your Next Catch

Big fish caught on the lake
happy client with big fish
Josh shows a huge fish
Josh and a client with a large fish