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Book A Fishing Guide Trip

Fishing location will either be the Twin Cities Metro area, or Mille Lacs lake. You and Josh will discuss the options, and the final destination will then be determined, depending on such factors as scheduling, where the hottest bite has been, weather/wind conditions, and travel time considerations for both you and Josh.

If you prefer planned fishing adventures, we have a calendar system just for you! Make a reservation below by first selecting a full-day trip or a half-day trip, along with the number of anglers, and then choose your date.

If you are open to spontaneous fishing trips, and want to be notified via a call-list (waitlist) in case of short-notice cancellations and/or to be notified when Josh is on Mille Lacs and stringing trips together, please either text Josh (651-335-2118) or email Laura (laura@mightymusky.com) with your name and phone number, along with a quick note as to whether your appointment with “Dr. Sunny Day” (ha-ha!) needs to be in the Twin Cities metro, Mille Lacs, or either one, and we’ll be in touch!

Start and end times may vary depending on the season. Josh will contact you before your trip to determine location and start times.

PLEASE NOTE: The reservation system now includes a non-refundable $100 deposit to book your trip.

By booking a guided trip you, you may also be added to our newsletter list. We will never sell or redistribute that list, and if at any time you want to unsubscribe, you may do so via a button at the bottom of the newsletter.

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