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Austin: September 8, 2015

Austin: September 8, 2015

Once in a while, I’ll have a guide trip experience that sets the bar for me. These divinely special trips shape me as a person, and as a fisherman. Sometimes I come home with a smile so bright on my face that Laura and the girls know something is up. Well, one of those “gift” days just came along.

Austin R. has cerebral palsy. But God knows that doesn’t slow him down! He came out with his father and his brother to catch his first smallmouth bass. And we accomplished that on the second cast! He quickly became what I sometimes describe as a “fish magnet.” He had something real special going.

As we headed to our second and third destination spots, I began to have a feeling that something special was going to happen. I can’t explain it…even now.

When we arrived on the third spot, an enormous bald eagle flew out of a tree 20 yards away and startled us all. Just after that, I stated, “This must be the spot.”
On our second cast, with a small bass sized whopper plopper with 6lb test, we had a follow for a few feet, and a big fish took it! Austin battled this fish for seven minutes and somehow landed it without a leader! It was an epic battle! This northern pike was his personal best.

Seeing the smile on his face while he reeled it in made my summer! Austin, I can’t wait for our next trip!