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When Josh looks at his guide book (actually an intricate system of post-it notes I’ve created on our wall calendar) and recognizes the name of a returning guide client affixed to a Saturday, it functions as a sort of reflex hammer. His knee jerk reaction is to ask me, “Why did they book a Saturday? Ask them if they can go during the week!”

Josh wants to provide the very best experience for his clients, and this includes attempting to avoid Saturdays. Some weekend warriors don’t feel they even have the option to schedule a weekday fishing trip, but on occasion, Josh’s straight-forward advice does inspire some creative rescheduling!

Many of us Midwesterners have the good sense to get out and enjoy our lakes and rivers as often as we can, and we create a collective atmosphere of fun that is especially concentrated on Saturdays. It may or not be what an angler is looking for when they finally get a day out on the water.

When it comes to the best day of the week to fish, the only option still qualifies as the best option. If Saturday is all you’ve got available, don’t fret. It will still be well worth it. That being said, if you can finagle things to head out on a weekday, it will definitely provide more peace and quiet for a mental break. It will be easier to zone in or zone out (as you choose), as the bobber disappears underwater, or the musky follows your lure. You’ll be more likely to notice a pair of loons than a pair of party boats. Simply put, there will be less distraction from everything else that goes along with sharing time on the water with everyone else!

Josh has been guiding for over 20 years, and for various reasons, he believes weekday trips are often the best. In my experience, taking the guide’s advice is usually one of the best moves you can make!

Why not trying booking a weekday guide trip? These people did!

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