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Clear Lake


Clear Lake is located along the east side of I-35 just south of the Forest Lake exit.

Lake Map:

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Stocking Report:

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Species Present:

Walleye: average abundance, average size.
Northern Pike: below average abundance, above average size.
Tiger Muskie: low abundance, large average size.
Largemouth Bass: below average abundance, average size.
Bluegill: average abundance, small average size.
Crappie: below average abundance, average size.
Bullhead species: average abundance, smaller than average size.
Yellow Perch: average abundance, small size.

Boat Access:

The DNR owned boat access is located on the west shore of the lake off the east frontage road to I-35. Exit I-35 at the Highway 97 exit; proceed east and turn left at the first road. The access is 1 mile north of Highway 97.

Shore Fishing:

The public may fish along the shoulder of the I-35 frontage road along the west shore of the lake. Fishing may be hampered by overhanging trees and aquatic vegetation in some areas.

Management Plans:

  1. Stock 367 pounds of walleye fingerlings (1 lb. per littoral acre) annually.
  2. Population assessment in 2015; re-survey in 2021; .
  3. Stock 401 hybrid muskie fingerlings (1.5 fish per littoral acre) odd numbered years.

Special Regulation:

Beginning opening day in May 2011: Harvest of walleye limited to fish over 17 inches. Daily limit for walleye is 3 (only 1 can be over 30″.)


Clear Lake has consistently been one of the best walleye fishing lakes in the area, with good water quality and lots of structure. Anglers have caught walleye on this lake at a higher rate than any other lake in the area. Hybrid muskie and northern pike are not abundant, but larger fish are present. Bluegill run small and are abundant. Crappie levels are average or below, but some larger crappie have been caught (especially in the winter). Small carp are common in this lake, but don’t seem to limit angling.

This is a very popular ice fishing lake, but ice conditions can be dangerous due to springs. Use caution when traveling on the ice. Walleye and crappie are the preferred targets of many ice anglers on Clear Lake.

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Note: All data collected from Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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