About Josh

Josh is a skilled, personable, and confident fishing guide. But when it comes to talking about himself, he’s a humble guy. So I volunteered to write this section.

Along with several of my co-workers in the Hockey Operations department of the Minnesota Wild, I first met Josh as one of his guide clients. Since then I’ve been able to browse Josh’s many photo albums, filled with hundreds of happy clients posing with their trophy catches. He has earned a solid reputation as a leading Minnesota Fishing Guide, and anglers from all over the United States travel to Minnesota just to fish with him year after year. Why is that?

Skill & Experience: You’d be hard-pressed to find a guide more knowledgeable than Josh. He started fishing at a very young age, and he’s been guiding professionally for nearly 20 years (although he’s been guiding his childhood friends even longer, as evidenced by a classic video in the “Stevenson Vault” of 14-year old Josh filming his own fishing show with his friends as his guests). If time spent sleeping were not a factor, it would almost be fair to say that Josh has spent more hours on the water than on dry land! Simply put, he knows where the fish are and how to get them to bite.

Passion & Enthusiasm: Landing the next Big One of any species, whatever the weather conditions, is always on the forefront of Josh’s mind. If you’ve seen him on “The Hunt for Big Fish” with Larry Dahlberg, or “Hook Shots” with Joe Cermele on Field & Stream.com, or in the video clips on ExploreMinnesota.com, you already have an idea of Josh’s consistent enthusiasm when it comes to fishing and helping clients catch the fish they’re after.

Despite the hundreds of notable catches he’s had over the years, Josh has a way of making you feel like your fish is not “just another fish.” When he was guiding our group on the St. Croix River, we weren’t after a monster musky, we just wanted action. And Josh, holder of the Minnesota State Record Tiger Musky, was still able to create an atmosphere of excitement over every fish we hauled in, even if they didn’t set any new records. What a fun day that was!

Personable & Accommodating: A frequent comment from Josh’s clients is that in addition to being a skilled fisherman, he also has a great personality. Josh sincerely enjoys meeting new people. Chances are good that you’ll have even more fun in his boat than what you’d expect (and isn’t any day of fishing already a good day?)!

Josh wants you to catch fish. He’s happy to provide direction (as needed), and will use all possible tactics to maximize your chances of getting fish in the boat. Whether your preferred method is trolling or casting, whether you prefer to fish for hours on end without breaks or you prefer to split up the day, Josh is sensitive to your preferences and will work hard to accommodate you. He has guided elderly clients, kids, fishing novices and fishing pros. He is quick to adapt to any situation in order to give his clients the best experience possible.

*  *  *  *
Hopefully you now have a better idea of who you’d be spending your day or half-day with. If you do end up booking a fishing trip with Josh and you like home-made chocolate chip cookies, just let him know and I’ll set you up on the day of your trip!

Happy Fishing!
Laura (Kinzel) Stevenson

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Josh & Laura, Day 1